Volunteering for Team Georgia

An experience you don’t want to miss! 


I started volunteering with Team Georgia several years ago. Like many of the TG volunteers I worked at the Georgia Dome.  I came across the opportunity from someone I know, in this case my son. He had been working with the group for some time and thought it would be an activity that I would find rewarding and enjoyable. He was right!

While most of the designated driver booths were inside the venue, my post for the football games was outside at Falcons Landing. Generally, I would work with a team of two or three other volunteers all focused on the objective of getting fans to make a commitment to be the sober driver for their group. That means not consuming alcohol. While Georgia weather insures that some days will be sunny and hot and others will be cold and rainy, there was never a Sunday that we didn’t have a great time and that I didn’t make new friends. We challenged ourselves to beat our previous best for number of signatures and had days where we would approach 500 commitments!

The most fulfilling aspect of volunteering with Team Georgia however is being a part of an organization that saves lives and reduces serious injuries on our roads. Each time I have the privilege of serving, I know that I am doing a small, but important part to help keep our highways and roads safe, which in turn allows wives and husbands, moms and dads, and sons and daughters to arrive home safely. I can say without hesitation that my whole week is better after spending a few hours on Sunday helping others and contributing to the greater good.


Mike LaTella

Peachtree City