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Team Georgia Volunteers

TEAM Georgia Designated Driver Booth volunteers encourage fans to use a designated driver when attending sporting, music and cultural events.  Our volunteers ask patrons to refrain from drinking alcohol, so their group can arrive home safely. Since the Designated Booth Program began, over 550,000 fans have pledged to serve as a designated driver and received information on impaired driving and Georgia’s DUI laws. Today, our volunteers are also educating TEAM Georgia Safe Driving Booths visitors to be aware of the negatives issues related to other forms of impaired driving (Drugs) and distracted driving, mainly cell phone use. Concise professional materials relating to the new “Georgia-Hands Free Act” and impaired driving are available to booth visitors. These driver related factors are responsible for almost all fatal crashes in Georgia.

Our volunteers arrive at the sporting venues prior to events, are briefed on their duties and assigned to their designated driver booth. After events begin and our volunteers finish their work assignment, our volunteers are able to stay for the game or event. They receive free admission. This is a very nice reward for a few hours of community service and in some cases represents a ticket value of $100 or more.


​Volunteer opportunities vary between the Infinite Energy Arena and other TEAM Georgia venues!








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