The Safe Holiday Campaign


Now as it approaches its third decade, the TEAM Georgia Safe Holiday Campaign urges businesses, private hosts and members of the hospitality industry to put the safety of employees, guests and patrons first during the holiday season.



The Safe Holiday Campaign involves area bars and restaurants displaying Safe Holiday information, offering a free non-alcoholic drink to designated drivers, and informing patrons about free rides home like Checker Cab's Annual Free Ride Home Program and the AAA and Budweiser Tow to Go Program. The Safe Holiday Guide will reach numerous Georgia Businesses and private hosts and provide them with safe celebration suggestions as well as safety and legal reminders for party goers.




The Safe Holiday Campaign

In Georgia, about 30 percent of traffic crash fatalities are alcohol-related. The majority of the other crash fatalities are related to other forms of impaired and distracted driving. Over the past decade, the highest number of crashes in Georgia occurred from October to December.

The chance of a crash being fatal is five times higher in crashes with an impaired driver.

According to the National Transportation safety board, an average of 728 people are injured or killed in drunk driving crashes each day during the December holiday season.


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