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State Launches Sober Driving Partnership For the Holiday Season

GOHS and TEAM Georgia Warning Holiday Revelers


Who: Governorʼs Office of Highway Safety (GOHS), TEAM Georgia


What: To help combat drunk driving crashes and fatalities during the holiday season, GOHS has partnered with TEAM Georgia to remind the Georgia motoring public to always find a sober driver when out celebrating the season. Whether they use GOHS’ Drive Sober Georgia smartphone app to get a taxi or make plans with a sober driver ahead of time, they have several options and no excuses. Interviews will be available with representatives from GOHS, TEAM Georgia and the state patrol, as well as a victim speaker who has experienced the tragic consequences of DUI.


When: Tuesday, Dec. 3, 10:30 a.m.


Where: ONE. midtown kitchen 559 Dutch Valley Rd NE Atlanta, GA 30324                 


Why: From Nov. 20 to Dec. 31 last year, there were 1,119 alcohol-related crashes in Georgia, which resulted in 679 injuries and 20 fatalities. While Georgia highlights the dangers of impaired driving during the holiday season because of the increase in travel, the zero tolerance warning exists all year round. Throughout 2012, there were 264 alcohol-related fatalities in Georgia. That means one out of every four traffic fatalities in Georgia is alcohol-related. In fact, the chances of being in a fatal crash are six times higher when an impaired driver is involved.


TEAM Georgia is a safe and sober driving coalition comprised of concerned businesses, public safety officials and members of Atlanta's sporting teams. For more information, contact TEAM Georgia at 478-957-8252 or visit