TEAM Georgia announces 2019-20

Captain Herb Emory Community

Service Award Recipient


The TEAM Georgia Executive Committee has announced today it's TEAM Georgia’s 2019-2020 recipient of the “Captain Herb Emory” Community Service
Award. Famed WSB traffic reporter and community activist--Captain Herb Emory was a founding Board member and Officer of TEAM Georgia.


As many know, one of TEAM Georgia’s most important programs during its long history of operation is to operate designated driver booths at sporting and concert venues around the state. TEAM Georgia volunteers secure pledges from fans to be designated drivers for their group as they refrain from drinking alcohol during an event. This allows a sober driver to help their entire party arrive home safely. 
This award is presented annually to a TEAM Georgia partner or volunteer who exemplifies the actions, qualities and traits Captain Herb not only spoke about every day but demonstrated during his life. 
This 2-year recipient of the TEAM Georgia Captain Herb Emory Community Service award is Sandy Kinnard. Sandy passed away this summer from pneumonia and other complications relating to COVID-19. Sandy worked tirelessly as a TEAM Georgia team leader and instructor on a volunteer basis for over 20 years. During her time with TEAM Georgia, Sandy volunteered at every designated driver location in Metro-Atlanta. As a volunteer, she also served as a member of the TEAM Georgia Advisory Board during her time with our nonprofit organization. Sandy consistently demonstrated the actions, qualities and community service actions that Captain Herb provided TEAM Georgia and many other Atlanta nonprofit organizations while he was alive. On behalf of TEAM Georgia’s leadership, I am proud to announce and confer this Award today.

Ron Fennel
TEAM Georgia Chairman

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Remembering Captain Herb Emory


Friends and Family of TEAM Georgia:


We have lost one of TEAM Georgia's founding advocates. I must sadly report that our beloved long-time Board member Capt. Herb Emory passed away on Saturday afternoon of a massive heart attack. We have lost one of TEAM Georgia's best spokesmen, who spent countless hours over the last 25 years helping us to spread the message of safe and sober driving. He was only 61.


Please keep Karen and his entire family in your prayers. Details of services will follow. Sorry for the sad news, but we should all take a few moments to remember this cheery and fun leader who graced us with his time and talents.


Rest in peace, my friend!


Ron D. Fennel

TEAM Georgia

Board Chairman

Captain Herb and the TEAM Georgia Family at our Safe Holiday Celebration.

TEAM Georgia Day at Turner Field 2010.

TEAM Georgia Board Members with Hank Aaron

Captain Herb Emory 1953 - 2014

TEAM Georgia Board Member for 25 years